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Quality Diabetic Foot Care in Winnipeg

People with diabetes occasionally experience foot pain due to the disease. Moreover, diabetic people have a high chance of getting nerve damage that can cause foot conditions like ulcers. It is because people with nerve damage cannot feel pain, and any soreness or open wounds on the foot can get infected. Achilles Foot Clinic Ltd offers diabetic foot care to help prevent the same for people in Winnipeg. We will ensure that your foot health is not jeopardized and will provide any necessary treatment. You should come to see us if you are diabetic and experience any of the following:

  • Ingrown toenail, infected cor, ulcer, blister, or soreness

  • Athlete’s foot or similar fungus infections between your toes

  • Yellow and thickened toenails

  • Change in temperature or colour of your feet

  • Cracked and dry skin on the foot

  • Loss of hair anywhere in the lower legs or feet area

  • Change in feet shape

  • Loss of feeling hot or cold in your feet

  • Pain or tingling feeling in feet

  • Pain in calves, thighs, or buttocks while doing any physical activity

Our team at Achilles Foot Clinic Ltd will assess your foot condition and provide you with the right treatment. Visit or call us today.

Relieve Your Pain Today

Our certified team can provide the right treatment for diabetic foot conditions.

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